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Pay for the Wall

Comedians work hard to make hilarious situations come to life on stage. When you buy a ticket to a comedy show, you're paying to build that fourth wall. Heckling tears down the precious wall for your fellow theatre-going Americans.

Healthcare Reform

Stage combat, screaming, wildly gesticulating limbs, too many scarves hidden in your pants, unicycles, weighted juggling balls. The life of a comedian is riddled with danger and injuries. Covering a comedian's medical bills protects America's laughter.

USA-China Trade Reform

We need more Chinese Finger Trap gags in modern comedy. I cannot emphasize this enough.


Honestly, guns fucking suck. I'm not even going to make a joke here, you dumb assholes.

Tax Reform

It's time to laugh at money again. When was the last time we made fun of people who handled money? As comedian, I promise to lampoon the idea of money.

Immigration Reform

Despite the fact that I am "very white," my comedy is approachable and accessible to people of all walks of life. Come hang out at a show. Bring anybody you want. Everybody is welcome.